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DL-Lactic Acid

Name:                                        DL-Lactic Acid  

Molecular Formula:                     C3H6O3

Molecular Weight:                     90.08

EU Standard:                              E270

Einecs:                                       200-018-0

GB standard:                              GB1886.173—2016

HS Code:                                    291811

CAS No.:                                     79-33-4

  • Product Details
  • Technical Specification
  • Product Application

Other chemical names: DL-Lactic Acid

Properties: colorless or slightly yellow, clear and viscous liquid with almost no odor.

Packing: In 25KG plastic drums or IBC tanks.

Storage and Transportation: suitable for any transportation conditions, sealed and stored in ventilated, dry and shady warehouse, can’t be mixed with the poisonous.

Technical Specification

Item Index
Content, w/% 80.0~88.0
Density (at 25℃), g/ml 1.18 ~1.21
Specific rotatory power, α25D   +2 ~-1
Heavy metals(by Pb), %       ≤ 0.002
Citric acid, oxalic acid and phosphonic acid Not cloudy
Chlorides (by Cl), w/% ≤ 0.05
Sulphates (by SO4), w/% ≤ 0.075
Fe, w/% ≤ 0.001
As/(mg/Kg)≤ 2.0
Readily carbonizable substance Passed
Residue on ignition≤   0.1

Product Application

♥ Extensively used in the fields of chemical, pharma, cosmetics and food additives. Especialy for pharma, used for lactic acid TMP, levofloxacin hydrate, ciprofloxacin lactate, and cefuroxime sodium APIs.