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Ferrous Lactate

Name:                                           Ferrous Lactate

Molecular Formula:                       C6H10FeO6

Molecular Weight:                        233.99

GB standard:                                 GB 6781-2007

HS Code:                                       291811

CAS No.:                                       5905-52-2

  • Product Details
  • Technical Specification
  • Product Application

Properties: Ferrous Lactate is green-white crystalline powder or crystal, Slightly smelly, slightly sweet and metallic. soluble in water and becomes a greenish transparent liquid with acidity. Almost insoluble in ethanol.

Packing: In 25KG bags lined with PE bags.

Storage and Transportation: Non-dangerous product, suitable for any transportation conditions, sealed and stored in ventilated, dry and shady warehouse, can’t be mixed with the poisonous.

Technical Specification

Item Standards
Content(as iron lactate)      % ≥96
Loss on drying                  % ≤20
Ferric iron                       % ≤0.6
Sulphate(as SO2-4)          % ≤0.1
Chloride                        % ≤0.1
PH 5.0~6.0
Arsenic(as AS)              mg/kg ≤3
Lead                         mg/kg ≤1

Product Application

♥ widely used in food, beverage, dairy products, salt, nutrient solution, medicine, etc.

♥ Ferrous lactate is a good food iron fortifier, the absorption effect is better than inorganic iron.

♥ Ferrous lactate is a food and feed additive, as well as a medicine for the treatment of anemia.