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Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate

Name:                                 Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate

Molecular Formula:                 Na2H2P2O7

Molecular Weight:                  221.94

EU Standard:                             E 450 (i)

Einecs:                                      231-835-0

GB standard:                             GB25567-2010

HS Code:                                     283539

CAS No.:                                    7758-16-9

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  • Technical Specification
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Other chemical names:  Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, Disodium dihydrogen diphosphate; Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate;  Disodium pyrophosphate; SAPP


Properties: White powder or granule,easily soluble in water.


Packing:In 25KG bags lined with PE bags.

Storage and Transportation: Non-dangerous product, suitable for any transportation conditions, sealed and stored in ventilated, dry and shady warehouse, can’t be mixed with the poisonous.

Technical Specification

Inspection Items Standard
Na2H2P2O7 95%min
Arsenic 3ppm max
Heavy Metal(as Pb) 10ppm
Water insolubles 1.0% max
PH value(1% solution) 3.7-4.5
Fluoride(as F) 50ppm max
Pb 2ppm max
Loss on drying(105℃,4 hours) 0.5%max
Appearance White powder
Particle size(100 mesh sieve) 95%min

Product Application

♥ Used as a leavening agent, reducing zymosis time.

♥ As a water retention agent and a quality improver for meat and sea food processing.