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Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Name:                                        Sodium Tripolyphosphate

Molecular Formula:                     Na5P3O10

Molecular Weight:                      367.86

EU Standard:                              E451 (i)

Einecs:                                         231-838-7 

GB standard:                               GB25566-2010

HS Code:                                     283531

CAS No.:                                     7758-29-4

  • Product Details
  • Technical Specification
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Other chemical names: Sodium Tripolyphosphate,  Pentasodium tripolyphosphate, Pentasodium Triphosphate, STPP

Properties: White powder or granular, soluble in water. Available in different types according to requests, including bulk density (0.5-0.9g/cm3), solubility (10 gram,20 gram in 100 ml water), quick dissolve, large granular etc.

Packing:In 25KG bags lined with PE bags.

Storage and Transportation: Non-dangerous product, suitable for any transportation conditions, sealed and stored in ventilated, dry and shady warehouse, can’t be mixed with the poisonous.

Technical Specification

Inspection Items Standard
Na5P3O10 94%min
P2O5 56-58%
Water insolubles 0.1%max
Fluoride(as F) 10ppm max
Arsenic 3ppm max
Pb 1ppm max
Loss on drying(105℃, 1hour) 0.7%max
PH value(1%solution) 9.2-10.0
Higher phosphate Not detectable
Whiteness 90%min

Product Application

♥ In food, as water retention agent, quality improver, pH regulator, metal chelating agent, widely used in cans, fruit juice, dairy, meat, ice cream, instant noodles etc.

♥ In industrial, used as synthetic detergent additives, PH regulator of soap, industrial water softener, drilling mud dispersant, oil remover in paper industry.